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UK workers 'fake sickies to avoid going to work' (Thu, 21 Nov 2019)
A BBC survey about morals in the UK finds 40% of adults would call in sick if they needed a break.
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General election 2019: Boris Johnson pledges cut to National Insurance (Wed, 20 Nov 2019)
The PM says he will raise the threshold next year so people do not have to pay until they earn £9,500.
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Would you rent a vacuum cleaner for $499 a month? (Wed, 20 Nov 2019)
Japanese firm Softbank says its robot is meant to replace "over-worked janitorial teams".
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Ryanair baggage fee policy ruled as 'excessive' in Spain (Wed, 20 Nov 2019)
A Spanish court made the ruling after a passenger was forced to pay a fine for extra luggage.
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Is shopping at Primark really a way to be greener? (Wed, 20 Nov 2019)
The High Street chain says shopping in-store is greener than buying online, but not everyone agrees.
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Climate change: China coal surge threatens Paris targets (Wed, 20 Nov 2019)
China is adding coal power equivalent to the EU's entire generating capacity.
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Dubai Air Show: Emirates boss says he took too long to accept climate crisis (Wed, 20 Nov 2019)
Emirates' president Sir Tim Clark says climate change activists helped airlines focus on the need to act.
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